Sabado, Setyembre 8, 2012

The TV show Revolution – could it really happen?

Regarding green half a billion people lost power in India late last month. It had been very large electrical blackout ever affecting Ten % on the world’s population. The blackout extended almost 2,000 miles, as well as the impact was felt even within the usa since the data centers and India-based telemarketing companies were crippled and without power. Each of us haven’t experienced a blackout such as the one that occurred in India, the usa has our own share of electric company pressures. The continued ratchet up in power usage as well as the stress it places on our infrastructure is alarming. Having seen another notice from your state of Texas regarding stress put upon the ERCOT grid, and having lost power in our new office (NOT our DATA CENTER - see end of article on why we’re safe) 3 x within the first 5 months of transferring, one’s thoughts can’t help but look at the what if’s… and this foreboding twist is exactly the thought of NBC’s new televisionshow, Revolution. But could “Revolution” really happen? Or at a minimum the principle premise within the show the location where entire world goes dark in the total blackout?

Certainly there’s peace of mind in acknowledge that most data centers presupposed to have diesel powered generation capability backing them up. Each of them tout it as part of their marketing materials and claim to be infallible. Sure, that’s comforting, but consider what went down as soon as the Derecho storm ravaged Washington, DC - online retail giant’s data centers went offline leaving Netflix, Pinterest Instagram and Heroku inside of a panic. So… Is mostly a total blackout really that implausible? You function as the judge:

Granted this dramatic interpretation of what “could” happen is far fetched - certainly we’re not likely headed to total global blackout yet. But you can get legitimate concerns when protecting important computer data. Should the US got a massive outage, the particular grit of these diesel powered generators will surely be tested. If you experience an electricity failure that’s widespread, there’s someone, somewhere, who dropped some critical part of their data. It’s a safe and secure bet that net every data center that states be fully resilient really is. And even though their lights might well be on, their connectivity partner probably are not. And connectivity is also important when you’re evaluating the continuity of your data center or disaster recovery site.

Having power are some things. Having connectivity is actually. When your pipe to your data center is offline, same with your business. One fashion to further protect your corporation from a power interruption is usually to make certain your data center implements a Tier 1 network provider. Dig a little bit of deeper into the data center’s marketing material and determine what level of connectivity they prefer. Global Data Vault is contracted by way of a Tier 1 mobile phone network provider, Level 3 Communications. Tier 1 essentially considerably Level 3 doesn’t need to pay someone to talk with any two points around the world. In the event it thought has your body and mind whirling a tiny bit, here’s every link for a number of Tier 1 networks to be able to verify but if the data center is aligned with these tier 1 network providers, and whether Revolution is just another over-dramatized tv program.

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